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Freight. The most valuable items in the collectionsof the Gdańsk Library
Freight. The most valuable items in the collections of the Gdańsk Library

ISBN: 978-83-948655-2-8

Rok wydania: 2021


przekład: Anna Moroz-Darska

liczba stron: 320

format: 210 x 270 mm

oprawa twarda

nasza cena: 153,00 zł

cena rynkowa: 180,00 zł

Najniższa cena w okresie 30 dni przed promocją: 126,00 zł

Selection of just 10 out of over one million items collected at the Gdańsk Library is an extremely difficult task. What criteria to choose? What should be given priority: uniqueness, artistic value or perhaps scientific significance? The items we have chosen seem to more than satisfy all the above requirements – they are spectacular in every respect. They astonish with their artistry, are unique sources for researchers and reflect the state of knowledge of the past epochs; above all, they have a distinguished Gdańsk provenance and concern the city itself.

Zofia Tylewska-Ostrowska

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