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Teresa Tyszkiewicz. My body is

ISBN: 978-83-8325-109-7

Rok wydania: 2024


number of pages: 224

number of reproductions: 188

format: 210 × 270 mm

binding: paperback

coedition with Museum of Art, Łódź

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[…] my body is a physical form of contact between the source of the problem and its creation. […] It is the subject of my studies and contradictions, the path towards comprehending meanings and their understanding.


Teresa Tyszkiewicz’s artistic work is based on organic process. It stems from a bodily experience and a fascination with matter. It crosses the boundaries of “life” and “form” in a radical way. It openly manifests femininity and transforms the traditional conventions of its representation. Her work realizes itself in movement and struggle – between eroticism and physiology, tenderness and force, fetishization of the glance and intimacy of the touch. Finally – between a body and its image.


The book includes rich iconographic material, representing artist’s work in various techniques and media – from 16 mm movies, through performance, photographs, objects and installations, to distinctive pin works. Reproductions are accompanied by four critical essays and a calendar, in which the work of Teresa Tyszkiewicz is outlined against the backdrop of aesthetic and social changes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.